The walk

We believe that God is primarily interested with us being in, "relationship with Him," as opposed to a "religion about Him".  He wants us to walk through life with Him.  

We have developed a tool to help us do that - an App called The Walk! 

Use it according to what works best for you. If you want to take it, "a Step at a time", do one a day. If you would like to do it all in one setting, go right ahead. 

The idea, is simply to journey with Christ through the moments of your daily life.  

Search "Go On The Walk" on your device's app store. (Available for iOS, Android & Windows phone)

You can also watch (and subscribe to) the Walk on YouTube!  Click HERE

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Download the App

Got a smart phone?  Android, Windows Phone, iPhone - doesn't matter, we've got you covered.  Kindle Fire?  iPad?  Android Tablet?  Whatever you are using, you can download the Walk right to your device. Download and Go on the Walk today!