The walk

We believe that God is primarily interested with us being in, "relationship with Him," as opposed to a "religion about Him".  He wants us to walk through life with Him.  

We have developed a tool to help us do that called The Walk!

The Walk is a podcast series with interviews, community previews, short teaching and worship videos available to view on YouTube channel or listen wherever podcasts are broadcast. 

The idea, is simply to journey with Christ through the moments of your daily life.  

You can watch (and subscribe to) the Walk on YouTube - click HERE

For audio podcasting, click HERE

subscribe to the channel

Once you navigate your browser to the Walk YouTube channel, you will want to "subscribe" so that you will be able to easily access new content every time it's published.  There will be a large red button on the bottom right corner.  Click that button to subscribe!

To get to The Walk, simply click HERE.

Daily Walk resources

Walking through life with Jesus, is a life long process!  There are basic activities that every follower of Jesus needs to do in order to find themselves in a fully formed relationship with God.  Below you will find 5 key areas to accept or embrace with your life, and resources to help you maintain them.

  • Accept Jesus as Lord

    The beginning is always the best place to start a Journey!  For those that confess Jesus as Lord, they will find salvation!

  • Grow and Develop Relationship with Jesus

    To develop that relationship, we need to be His disciples.  That's an ancient way of saying we incorporate spiritual disciplines like Prayer, Worship, and Scripture-reading into our lives.

    ~ For a daily prayer, do you P.A.R.T!  (Praise, Admit, Request, Thanksgiving)

    ~ For a daily worship guide, click HERE. Worship video:

    ~ For a daily Proverbs reading plan, click HERE.

    ~ For a daily devotional in My Utmost For His Highest, click HERE.


    We experience the power of God's power in our lives by identifying just how He has gifted us, and then using those talents and abilities to meet the needs of others.  They do the same thing with us, and together we make each other stronger.



    "How much is enough?"  When we realize all of our talent, all our time, and all our treasure comes from Him and we decide to use it in a way that makes Him proud - we find the answer to "how much is enough".