The Gatherings at Discover are a pretty informal affair.  We don't do "loud and lasers", and we don't do "organs and robes".  What we hope you do find, is something real.  From the time of community, to the message to the music and worship, everything at the Discover Gatherings is about authentically looking at how God can play a part in our everyday lives.  He is the expert at life - we're all just trying to learn from Him.  Pretty simple.  Please come gather with us any THURSDAY NIGHT at 6:30pm!

Current Series

Jesus made it pretty clear.  Those people who chose to follow Him should not have any type of identity crisis.  They should be very clear on who they were.  As a matter of fact, everyone should be clear about what followers of Jesus are all about.  Jesus' followers should find their identities in Him - and that identity should be centered around love.

"...and they will know you are my disciples by your love."

Where to find us

This summer, Discover is holding its Gathering at The Lark Event Center,

at 101st and Riverside, right off the Creek Turnpike.  Food Trucks start serving food at 6:30!  Come eat some great food, enjoy some awesome community, and then join in for Worship.  

Get a Feel for what Gatherings are like...

Would you like to get a feel for what Sundays are like?  Take a look at the following samples of the Teaching and the Worship that happen each Sunday morning at the Discover Gathering.

Watch a Teaching Sample Here: CLICK HERE


Miss a Sunday?  Want to hear a message again?  Check out the Discover Podcast channel on Soundcloud!  

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