The Gathering at Discover is a pretty informal affair.  We don't do "loud and lasers", and we don't do "organs and robes".  What we hope you do find, is something real.  From the time of Community to the the Worship, everything at the Discover Gathering is about authentically looking at how God can play a part in our everyday lives.  He is the expert at life - we're all just trying to learn from Him.  Pretty simple.  This fall, a Gathering will occur October 13!  There will be some amazing food trucks as well as care for the kiddos.  Gatherings are held at the Lark Venue on 101st at Riverside.

Sundays at Discover are a time of reflection and study of the Bible.  We believe the Bible to be so much more than a history book, or a book of pretty poems, or even a collection of deep theology.  We believe the Bible is God's Word, given to us as a road map for how to best live our lives.  Join us on Sunday mornings, 10:30am at the Lark Venue, as we look into the Bible's pages for insight and meaning.  The setting and atmosphere are very informal and relaxed - just bring your Bible and come as you are!

Where to find us

Discover holds its Gathering and Sundays w/ Discover at The Lark Venue Event Center*,

at 101st and Riverside, right off the Creek Turnpike.

For the Gathering, Food Trucks start serving food at 6:30 on Thursday nights! 

Come eat some great food, enjoy some awesome community, and then join in for Worship.

Great food, community and amazing  worship will all be happening!  Don't miss it!

Sundays at Discover starts at 10:30 each Sunday morning every week at The Lark.

If you can not make it in person, you can watch the services LiveStreamed!  They're available live at  here on this page, or archived on YouTube on The Walk.