The Gatherings at Discover are a pretty informal affair.  We don't do "loud and lasers", and we don't do "organs and robes".  What we hope you do find, is something real.  From the time of community, to the message to the music and worship, everything at the Discover Gatherings is about authentically looking at how God can play a part in our everyday lives.  He is the expert at life - we're all just trying to learn from Him.  Pretty simple.  Please come gather with us any THURSDAY NIGHT at 6:30pm!

Current Series


He's the centerpiece of the Christian religion.  2000 years after His death, He is still a cultural icon.  The celebration of His birthday is the most significant holiday of the year.  Even the calendar continues to revolve around his birth. What unanswered questions about Jesus could possibly still exist?  What is still left to be known?

Maybe - just maybe - what we all need is not a refresher course about Jesus, but a chance to re-connect with Him. 

Please join Discover at the Thursday Gatherings for the new series, "A Portrait".

(Artwork: Colorful Creator, by Lance Brown -  Used by permission of the artist.)

Where to find us

This summer, Discover is holding its Gathering at The Lark Event Center,

at 101st and Riverside, right off the Creek Turnpike.  Food Trucks start serving food at 6:30!  Come eat some great food, enjoy some awesome community, and then join in for Worship.  

Upcoming Food Truck Line Up

Each Thursday night, Food Trucks start serving at 6:30pm.  Come each week to try some of the amazing food options from the very best of Tulsa's Food Truck Scene!

  • July 11

    Neives' Tacos

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  • July 18

    Linam Up Grill

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  • July 25


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  • August 1

    My Baby can cook

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  • August 8

    Wings N' Things

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  • August 15


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  • August 22

    Louies Dog house

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